PBT Group provides services and solutions across most aspects relating to data; and from end-to-end.

Whilst the Group’s core expertise historically originated from Data Architecture, Data Modelling and Data Engineering, this naturally expanded to include areas such as Advisory & Strategic, as well as Analytics & Visualisation. PBT Group has also started venturing into the high-end data value streams like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and intends to grow its expertise within this area.

In addition to this – and complementing the data services offered – PBT Group also has an Application Development competency mainly involved with Mobile Application Development within the financial sector.


Healthcare Solutions

  • Policy Management
  • Product Management
  • Provider Management
  • Schedule Management
  • Claim/Invoice Management
  • Eligibility Management

Strategic & Advisory

  • Data Strategy
  • Modernisation
  • Readiness Programme
  • Blueprint Architecture
  • Business Analysis
  • Project Management

Data Engineering

  • Data Lake
  • Data Streaming
  • ETL / ELT
  • Data Warehouse
  • Data Wrangling
  • Cloud Infrastructure

Data Analytics

  • SAS Competency Centre
  • Comprehensive Reporting & Visualisation
  • Predictive and Prescriptive Intelligence
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Business Intelligence Solutions
  • Strategic Data Optimisation

Artificial Intelligence

  • Scheduling
  • Optimisation
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Robotics
  • Machine Learning

Managed Services

  • Outsourcing
  • Support
  • Maintenance
  • Managed Services
  • Technical Expertise

Application Development

  • Backend
  • Frontend
  • .NET Hub
  • Java Hub
  • Mobile
  • IOT

Data Visualisation

  • Business Intelligence
  • Self-Service Analytics
  • Visualisation
  • Storytelling
  • Data Science


With substantial experience in providing solutions and services to leading medical aid firms, PBT has developed a professional service offering that addresses the particular specifications of the healthcare industry.

Maintaining a reputation for economically producing the desired results has led to PBT being recognised as a foremost provider of medical aid software solutions and products. PBT’s medical fund and managed care solutions consist of user-friendly, parameter-driven design, providing high levels of flexibility. This enables fast reaction to market changes with minimal effort and permits rapid adoption of new business opportunities.

Strategic & Advisory

PBT Group’s principal Data & Analytics consultants have 10 or more years of experience in the data world. This collective experience is complemented by strong Data Governance & Management frameworks that are specifically aimed at dealing with the enterprise complexity of the modern data environment.

PBT Group can perform a readiness assessment of the client’s data journey and consult on modernisation initiatives, assist in the development and implementation of a data strategy, and advise on any associated cloud-based approaches and supporting technologies required.

Data Engineering

PBT Group has extensive experience across multiple industries and technologies, implementing successful data pipelines and solutions that span across Data Lakes, Operational Data Stores, Data Warehouses, Advanced Analytics, Data Science, Big Data, Data Visualisation, Cloud and DataOps. The Group’s Data Engineers are well equipped to utilise modern data processing techniques such as data streaming, data wrangling, data vaults etc.

Furthermore, PBT Group can provide Cloud-based services and consulting for most of the major cloud vendors, e.g.


Consultants keep abreast with changing technologies and industry best practices via ongoing training, certifications and as guided by the PBT Innovation division.


We transform data into insights and insights into actions at PBT Group. Our extensive range of options in Data Analytics enables organisations to fully utilise the potential of their data.

SAS Competency Centre

The SAS Competency Center, the hub of our data analytics expertise, is where our knowledge and your data challenges collide.  Our centre is staffed with experienced SAS professionals adept in the latest SAS technologies. From deployment, trouble-shooting and support through sophisticated data management and integration to advanced analytics and visualisation, we provide end-to-end solutions. Our centre specialises in bespoke SAS solutions tailored to your unique needs, ensuring you leverage the power of SAS to its full potential. PBT Group’s Data Analytics services turn complex data into distinct, actionable intelligence for practical business decisions. With our advanced visualisation tools, we help you see beyond numbers to understand trends and outcomes. Our predictive models forecast what’s next, giving you a head start on planning and execution. We aim to empower organisations with the ability to independently harness their data through intuitive platforms. Our goal is to provide solutions that simplify the analytics process, enabling your team to uncover powerful insights with ease.

icon data analysts

Advanced Analytics

Icon User Experience

    SAS® Competency Centre

Icon Data Insights


PBT Group’s Data Analytics services turn complex data into distinct, actionable intelligence for practical business decisions. With our advanced visualisation tools, we help you see beyond numbers to understand trends and outcomes. Our predictive models forecast what’s next, giving you a head start on planning and execution. We aim to empower organisations with the ability to independently harness their data through intuitive platforms. Our goal is to provide solutions that simplify the analytics process, enabling your team to uncover powerful insights with ease

Efficiency is key, so we focus on optimising your data operations to save time and reduce costs. We adapt our approach to fit your specific needs, whether it’s managing large datasets, analysing customer behaviour, or streamlining reporting processes. Our goal is to make sure your data strategy is strong, smart, and simple to implement, ensuring that every decision is backed by solid data. With PBT Group, you’ll have the clarity and confidence to move your business forward.

Data Visualisation

Analytics and Visualisation are mainstream consumer areas of stored/prepared data. Data can be consumed either from the raw Data Lake, or from some prepared, modelled data area.

The PBT Group experts are well versed in the methods of consuming and analysing large data sets, for e.g. Data Science, or more traditional Analytics outputs like dashboards, reports, and self-help slice-and-dice front ends. The Group’s Data Visualisation Engineers are familiar with many of the Visualisation tools available and provide significant value add in all aspects of analysis, user experience, data insights and in telling a data story.

icon Storytelling


Icon User Experience


Icon Data Insights


Artificial Intelligence

In the business world, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an emerging reality. Its adoption is tightly linked to business maturity. AI is commonly defined as the area of computer science that emphasises the creation of intelligent machines that work and react like humans.

As an extension of its Data Engineering and Advanced Analytics competencies, PBT Group has expanded its service offering into areas of Data Science and AI.

Application Development

The PBT Group Application Development competency assists organisations to deliver custom applications that focus on system integration, software, web, database, collaboration, business process management and mobile app development.

The PBT Group team has been fundamental in the creation/enhancement of a mobile banking app used by millions of banking clients.

icon Data science


Icon Artificial Intelligence


Icon App Development



PBT Group’s Managed Services and Solutions offering originated from a large-scale project across 20 countries, with the need to support the associated operations with 1st (day-to-day ‘running’ of the solution), 2nd- and 3rd line support, as well as maintenance (small enhancements) activities to keep the solution relevant. The support model provided the required flexibility of onsite vs. remote support, or a hybrid thereof, as well as more informal vs. formalised, Service Level Agreement (SLA) based support – depending on the operation’s size and budgetary constraints.

PBT Group has subsequently successfully expanded these services to non-support related, functional areas for various local and international clients. The diagram provides a summary of the managed services utilisation/application and associated value proposition PBT Group offers. A managed services and solutions engagement is an attractive consideration as it provides flexibility, on demand capacity and expertise, as well as cost efficiencies associated with a remote working model and limited management overhead.

Value Proposition

  • Increased productivity
  • Predictable cost structure
  • High level of technical expertise
  • Focus on core business, whilst empowering and enabling end users
  • Utilise PBT’s experience and expertise
  • No direct resource management & overhead
  • Knowledge transfer and enablement
Managed Services List

Value Added Services

PBT Group has established long term, strategic partnerships with many of its clients. Such an engagement positions the Group to provide value added services including:

Graduate Icon

The PBT Graduate Programme, facilitated by the PBT Academy.


Training through the PBT Academy, e.g. BI Business Analysis, Data Modelling, Data Engineering.


A specialised Skills Development Programme customised for the client’s requirements and environment.


“Burst capacity” enabling short term capacity on demand.


Knowledge sharing via the Group’s extensive consultant base and expertise related to industries, technologies and best-practices, locally and abroad.

Client Engagement Models

PBT Group’s service offering is based on the following engagement models:

formalised solution icon

Engaging a team/part-team in collaboration with the client to deliver a solution via a formalised project.

formalised solution icon

Providing relevant expertise, e.g. Data Engineers, Business and/or Data Analysts, Data Visualisation Engineers, Data Architects, Project Managers on an ‘as needed’ basis as professional services.

formalised solution icon

Providing a pre-defined service, e.g. BAU, functional, technology specific, support, as a managed service.

PBT Group is not just a “provider of resources” – the brand prefers to be an active, and valuable contributor in the client’s data strategy, execution and realisation thereof – in a practical, cost-efficient manner.

Consulting Services

PBT Group provides data specialist professional services to clients who require additional capacity and/or expert capability with their existing data platform environments. The Group’s consultant base consists of a variety of the mentioned roles, technology skills, and in-depth industry experience.


PBT Group has completed many successful end-to-end data platform, Business Intelligence (BI) and Advanced Analytics projects. Where required, the brand has also provided the on-going maintenance and support after the project. These projects have varied in size and complexity. PBT Group has successfully completed some of the largest data projects on the African continent. The Group’s specialists and project managers have significant experience in the design, construction, implementation, and maintenance of Data and Analytics solutions.

And, the Group’s track record of successful delivery is built on more than 20-years of experience and a well-defined approach that considers the strategic objective, whilst enabling iterative value-add.

PBT Group’s practical project experiences are represented in many of its Use Cases, some of which have been published on the Group’s website, www.pbtgroup.co.za, or can be provided on request.

PBT promotes a few principles of Data & Analytics initiatives, namely:

  • Confirm business ownership – appropriate project structure
  • Understand business goals and tangible objectives – requirement specification, defined scope
  • Think Big, Start Small – conceptual architecture
  • Confirm client’s readiness – readiness assessment, quality checks
  • Phased, iterative delivery cycles – early and continuous business value add
  • Well-managed and open communication – appropriate project management
  • Enable / contract knowledge – & IP transfer
  • PBT will always align with the client’s preferred technology stack and methodology